Sunday, May 27, 2012

The VocabSlam Manifesto: Core Principles

We started an education company because studying sucks. As our slogan indicates, we’re pretty sure that studying does not, in fact, have to suck.

VocabSlam was founded on two core principles: 1) that we learn best when we learn from each other and 2) that we learn best when affect is tied to cognition; that is, when our emotions, feelings, and creativity are tied to a task at hand.

So we’ve created a platform for people to interact, pulling together familiar elements of and We provide you with the SAT and GRE’s most frequently used words, their certified definition, and let YOU have fun with the words.

But it’s hard to be spontaneously creative. Think of assignments in creative writing class or in art class. It’s really hard when the teacher instructs you to “write anything”  or “paint whatever” but it becomes much clearer when he or she provides you with a prompt, or literally, a frame.  That’s why we give you the word and its definition as a stimulus, and you try to “Slam” other users’ sentences to get the praise of your friends, family, pets, and paramours.

For the education nerds out there, lots of research supports the idea that we learn best from each other, particularly our peers. But if you don’t want to read graduate level scholarly articles, check out "Disrupting Class" a great book that says that the best way to learn is from each other.

So have fun! Make up crazy sentences. Post a video to our YouTube page! The more you do with words, the better.