Sunday, May 27, 2012

The VocabSlam Manifesto: Learning by Doing

We’re pretty sure that old John Dewey was on to something when he professed (and practiced) “Learning by Doing”. We were impressed by Gary Stager who spoke passionately at TEDxNY about the value of giving young people discrete projects on which to work. (It gets pretty breathtaking towards the end). All concepts at the core of VocabSlam.

Back at Dewey’s stomping ground, Teachers College faculty developed instruction where you can teach an entire curriculum around food.

Speaking of stomping around, researchers at Arizona State University in Tempe and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that students can understand and infer more by physically acting out text—either in real life or virtually—than by reading alone. They like to move it, move it, move it move it, move it move it, MOVE IT!

Have you seen other good examples of Learning by Doing?